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IT Risk Consulting

Safeguard your IT Risk exposure.

Make reducing your business risks a #1 strategic priority.

The market demands that your organisation keeps ahead of the technology that is a central part of their lives. For product and service providers this means investing in a constant state of IT infrastructure, systems and process transformation.  Transformation and business risk go hand in hand.

While technology keeps changing, the threat of a natural disaster or a major building infrastructure crisis is a constant. IT business continuity planning is critical to the future of your organisation.

Without a robust business risk management framework in place, constantly changing IT infrastructure, systems and data are potentially exposing vulnerabilities to a whole range of threats – from general technology failures, to human error, to cyber crime. 

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How can Q1 Group consultants help?

Our consultants understand the strategic challenges of balancing business outcomes with assessing and managing IT risk for events that may, or may not, happen.

Identification of IT risks, IT risk assessment and mitigation, disaster recovery and response planning and review of risk management procedures are key IT risk areas of expertise we can build solutions from. Our team can also offer consultancy on IT finance and associated risks.

We know that building robust IT risk frameworks and the related controls is the key to Australia’s cyber resilience and sustainable economic future in a global market. 

Balance security and risk with business outcomes. 
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