Who We Are

We’re making cyber resilience everyone’s business

To be ready for tomorrow, cyber security must be a strategic priority across every layer of your organisation. It is no longer the sole accountability of a technology operational area.

The consulting capabilities we offer at Q1 Group are highly specialised and deeply technical. We also understand how critical it is to be able to communicate and influence cyber security decisions and solutions across all layers of an organisation.

Our consultants excel in communicating their expertise and proposing solutions from executive level to front line operations. We’ve been fine tuning our collective capabilities since 2005 – well before the Internet of Things (IoT) took off with the release of the first iPhone!

We currently have over 160 Cyber Security Professionals currently working on site at a wide range of Australia wide Tier 1 companies. We deliver Statements of Work, from short term contract to multi-year programs at all levels within the organisations we serve.

Who is Q1 Group?

We are a specialist consulting firm with offices and support in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Queensland. We’re committed to sourcing consultants on-shore. From experience, we know that on-shore consultants provide the most time and cost efficient solutions to Australian top tier companies.

Our consultants are experts in planning, applying Agile methodologies, communicating, influencing and executing solutions for cyber security – including specialist areas such as cyber hunting and cloud mobility; IT risk; big data analytics; and threat and incident management.

Established by Tracey Hughes in 2005, Q1 Group consultants have evolved with the increasingly specialised demand for cyber security and risk capabilities.

We pride ourselves on embracing change that keeps our clients at the leading edge, while keeping their customers’ secure.

How does your organisation benefit by engaging us?

Our high calibre technical, business and emerging industry expertise are passionate about preparing your organisation, and the world, for tomorrow.

Deep technical knowledge and expertise in cyber security disciplines applied within an Agile framework, along with strategic business communication sets us apart.

Depth of experience means that your trusted Q1 Group consultants will challenge thinking and drive transformation to achieve the outcomes you need, and more.

Evolving alongside the increasingly specialised demands of a digital world means we’re well connected. Being well connected means we can source hard-to-find expertise. It’s what we excel at.

In turn, our experienced consultants can help you turn cyber security related business risks and vulnerabilities into future focused capabilities.

How do we ensure we operate ethically, honestly and openly - Our anti-bribery policy

Q1 is committed to maintaining a high standard of integrity, reputational excellence and good corporate governance in all its interactions with its clients, suppliers and any regulatory bodies it works with.

Our Anti-Bribery Policy is a critical component of Q1’s delivery on its strategic goal to ensure enduring trust, integrity and resilience and outlines our requirements regarding the management of gifts and benefits.