Client Case Studies

Box Hill Institute Traineeship

Business exposure: the problem or opportunities

To increase the number of cyber security professionals in the Australian marketplace through cyber security internships.

Business approach: the roadmap to the solution

Q1 Group has long recognised a skills shortage in the cyber security marketplace. With rapidly growing demand for cyber security capabilities, the industry cannot wait for students to complete formal study and then get commercial experience. The escalating cyber threat landscape needs students to complete their training and gain commercial experience simultaneously.

To help address this problem, Q1 has been working with Box Hill Institute to design an appropriate entry level course. Q1 has placed Box Hill Institute’s Cyber Security students at NAB and NBN, allowing the students to get industry experience. Legislation restricts corporate Australia from employing students directly. Corporate Australia wants to employ students to address the skills shortage and has welcomed the Cyber Security Internship as an effective way of growing the capabilities that are in demand.

In effect, Q1 Group acts as a group training organisation for Box Hill Institute’s Certificate IV Cyber Security course. This model allows students to rotate between different corporations and across industries. Q1 Group has brought together this collaboration of tertiary education and industry.

Our consultants were actively involved in:

  • Screening and selection of a small pool of talent from enrolled cyber security students.
  • Playing a supervisory role, including giving quarterly feedback on student performance to Box Hill Institute.
  • Providing a supervisory and support role for students to ensure understanding of their responsibilities, and how to maximise the opportunities presented to them by an internship.
  • Rotating students through different organisational units in security functions.

Business benefits: the solution

Q1 Group came up with an innovative and cost effective prototype solution that has helped address the shortage of experts in the cyber security market. It is a solution where everyone wins. The course is completed as a traineeship, giving valuable workplace experience, accelerating student knowledge throughout their formal studies.

This is a strong case study example of the untapped opportunities available in shoring up cyber resilience through cross-industry collaboration.

This solution is applicable for other organisations and tertiary education institutions. Q1 Founder Tracey Hughes is actively influencing similar initiatives.

Keep an eye out on our Insights page, as we will share case studies of interest along the way.

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